Anna Sui

Just wanted to share some purchases from Anna Sui I made a couple of months ago (a long time, I know). So these pictures weren't taken with my lumix, fyi.

Eyelash curler. I always wanted a brand-named curler just to see if it was better than the generic ones. It turns out that there's no difference. It's just really nice to look at. lol

Focus sucks. ><

Mascara for lengthening. Haven't used it for a long period so not too sure about this. But, the container is so cute!

Blush. Now, this is one product I can totally recommend. I started using this blush a couple of years ago and I refuse to try any other blush. The color is long-lasting and the blush never seems to run out. I still have the blush from that couple of years ago and it's practically in the same condition that I bought it. I know you're not supposed to keep make-up for that long, but I don't see anything significantly bad occurring on my cheeks. I bought the dark pink plush before and this one is the orange one. It goes well for my slightly tanned skin.

Perfume (Rock you). It's my second favorite scent (Salvatore Ferragamo being my first). It last fairly long and of course, the bottle is really pretty. It's a guitar, btw. haha

So, I basically bought all these products on a whim because I wanted to get the free Anna Sui bag.

The size is perfect for me--especially for work--and it just so happened to be one of my favorite colors (black).

I apologize if this post seemed semi-crappy. Just wanted to share purchases rather than review them since I haven't really tried all of them for a long period yet. Will update you guys on that soon.



Juvy♔ said…
ANNA SUI!!! i know how you feel about wanting to try a brand name just to see if its better lol. I too have done that. OMG TWINS AGAIN, I have a dark pink blush and also have an orange blush (from make up forever) lol hehehehehhe.

oooo! i need to try out that perfume! (salvatore ferragamo). Right now, my fave perfume is Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic. hahaha....exotic.

miss your pretty face!!
Naka said…
u lok great! i wanna try anna sui so badly :3
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
omg omg omg twins! This is why you're my rilakkuma, diba? hahaha
and i used to use make-up forever! but it was foundation and it was too thick -_- my mom's using their eye shadow and it looks nice!

and you should try that perfume! it smells so fruity haha and I need to be exotic and try that that estee lauder one.

☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Naka> you should! do they not sell it where you're at?
Anonymous said…
I keep my powder blushes, too, they stay fine forever!
Café Bellini>
Hehe :) I need to learn how to clean mine nicely though
Anonymous said…
I'd like to buy Anna Sui stuff too but I didn't found anything yet.. ;w;

I think it has a pretty design! ♥

and of course: you are so superpretty <3
Haein said…
Omg, my friends used to be so obsessed with anna sui make up and products. Hehe, they're so girly and the perfumes smell really good. Btw, cute pic of you! miss your pretty face.
亜季licious ★>
Aw they don't sell it where you live? :( Maybe you can get it online? and thank youuu! you're sweet <3
haein> eegiii! <3 i miss YOUR pretty face whachutalkin'bout girl?! what kind of make-up do you use? i probably asked you this before haha
pinksugarichigo said…
aww i love anna sui.. i always wanted to buy anna sui products just because of the beautiful packaging. thanks for letting me know that the blush is good.. i need a more reliable blush and i might just have to buy one like that! !!

very cute bag and i love that perfume bottle (rock you)

yeah im sad that i can't see you either .. im just going to have to go to Tokyo
right right?! you should get the blushes! they last so logn too >w< love it. I MISS YOU GIRL!
un petit lapin said…
I'm a total sucker for Anna Sui packaging, it's sooo pretty! I wish I'd got their brush/comb/mirror set when she released a white version. I have to say, my Shiseido eyelash curlers are better than any drugstore curlers I've tried.

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