My first SLR!

Bought myself my own SLR...or something like it.

Thought I should spend my winnings (gambling) on something that I've always wanted but never could afford. So I splurged on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1.

I LOVE it.

It's supposedly the smallest and lightest SLR camera in the world. Of course, I got the white version of it. Pretty <3 I'm so obsessed with it and take pictures every chance I get. The quality of the pictures is near pro with only a quick point a shoot. I may have to make adjustments in the future with white balance, shutter speed and such (which are all a foreign language to me) to capture the pictures the way I desire. I have no background with cameras whatsoever, although, my mom is an ex-camera assistant. But, that's like a century ago. Planning to study the instruction book when I have the time. Here are some sample pictures I took recently:

Taken at a bar in Shibuya. My friend and I toasting with our cassis orange cocktails.

Near the Marui building in Shinjuku. My friend pretending to be yonsama.

A bunch of rilakkuma and korillakuma lying around inside a UFO catcher.

Sorry, I'm not very good at reviewing electronics so, I'll save you from confusion. But, I do recommend this camera. Especially for beginners like me.

Ready to take on the world with my new buddy! :D


May @ Rad said…
oooo!! the pictures look really nice! =D I've always wanted an slr but I just didn't like the idea of carrying a bulky black thing in my bag all the time. hehehe.. I'll try to check this out. =)
Winnie said…
Wow the camera is really amazing. It will be soo long until that camera arrives in the UK!
un petit lapin said…
Oooh the white is nice!
I got a new camera too.. Olympus E-PL1.
Considered the GF1. I chose looks over functionality ha.

And I see your long hair is back?

Also, no, I don't live in Japan. I live in England but I visited Japan earlier this year.
Naka said…
cute dslr :3 and omg cute plushies!
Juvy♔ said…
omg your camera looks awwweeesoommme!
and i love the way the pics came out!

JoeyAnna said…
wow lucky you! id love to own an SLR :)
you look so adorable!!! hehe
Sher said…
Sometimes I wish I had gotten a camera like yours! My DSLR is great but it's just too heavy to carry everywhere:P

And yay for more photoshoots with the new cam hehe!

aw such nice camera you got there. The pictures are lovely

XOXO Charlotte
Anonymous said…
I'm desperate for an SLR so this may just be the avenue I go down. And I love the last image! So cute. xxx
pinksugarichigo said…
i absolutely adore your camera!! it's really cute.. i want to look that camera up.. i love the whiteness of it!

and you're so gorgeous as always.. i love the top in your first pic. where did you get it??
Ken said…
ahh very cute!
my sister likes those rilakkuma laying around
さらまり said…
Congrats on getting your SLR, that's great! You look super beautiful so feel to post as many photos of yourself as you want!
steffy♥kitty said…
I have the baby version of this: Lumix LX3. It's not nearly as great as yours, but my boyfriend bought it for me so I didn't wanna ask for too much. I also have a Canon T1i.. Maybe when I see you again, you could teach me now to use both >__<;;
Anonymous said…
I love the tiny hat you're wearing <3

also: Hooray for that cool camera : D
Reminds me of the fact that I need one as well. I stopped taking pictures with my ol' digicam, because it makes me look really hideous DX

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