My closet: April - May 2010

Okay. I guess I can at least upload a few of my styles for the past month. :D

(goodness my thighs are so fat. I apologize...)
Velvet vest and salmon shirt:
Leggings: UNIQLO

Beatles v-neck shirt: Forever21
Blue colored pants: Wet Seal
Sneakers: Lacoste

One piece: Ross (not kidding lol)
Belt: Thank You Mart
Leggings & socks: Mighty Soxer (I didn't get it just because of the name haha)

Horseback riding attire!
Tank top: Shimamura
Black cardigan: Cinnamon Girl
Sun hat: not sure. Got it at the hotel on Maui. haha
Leggings: UNIQLO
Ankle boots: Forever21


Anonymous said…
I've recently become a fan of Uniqlo - they have the greatest selection of leggings and everything else!
DMBY said…
Um, thighs NOT fat! You want to see some thighs, come over to my house.

I really like the one with the dress from Ross!
Naka said…
cute hat and i like the blue jeans ^^
Becky said…
I love your Ross onepiece :D
Also the floppy white hat is cute ~
Anonymous said…
Looking seriously good as always! Love the blue trousers. xxx
Winnie said…
These are great outfits! Love the bright blue trousers. I need to shop on yesasia more, but all the things I like are always so expensive!
MaNAa said…
i love your look especially the third one! You're gorgeous in it!
Juvy♔ said…
can you be anymore cute?! RAWR! hehehe! AW I HAVE THAT BEATLES TOP! in tank top form!! omgomg photoshoot? :D

Ross has lots of cute stuff! well..knick knacks and sometimes shoes and dresses lol. I have a few dresses and shoes from them! Now that I think of it, I actually just blogged about a pair of shoes I got from there O_O! hehehehe And I like Ross cuz they always have Beatles books and canvases and mugs lol
whyhellothere said…
lmao. fat in comparison to fuckin twigs in japan? yes. you got dem thighs that need to be shown =D.
Ken said…
i love it!
really cute outfits~!
yes i speak korean, but not very well
pinksugarichigo said…
yes ross is the best! i love all your outfits so much! you and juvy are like my outfit inspirators (is that a word?) hahaha.. i miss you girl! ;D and i love the beatles shirt with those blue pants! <3 lovely ensemble!
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Danielle> no way! they are chubby :( i can't fit my old jeans anymore. but yes, ross! dress for less!
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
janis> ahh! i miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to tokyo! or I hope to see you in July!!!

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