Doll eyes!

My first pair of circle lenses thanks to my bestie, Juvy.

Angel Green circle lenses

She purchased them from Doll Front which has a variety of color contacts at a reasonable price. It really beats the prices here in Japan as one pair is around $60 here and at, it's only $20.

I love how it looks and feels. Makes me look like an anime character.
And, if you're wondering, I'm wearing clip-on extensions. I wish my hair would grow that fast though. haha

Oh yeah! I'm back from Hawaii, btw. I'm missing it a whole lot right now but, I know I have tons of work to do here and in Korea and Singapore in the next two months. Hopefully, I'll be back again in July. I miss Mighty especially!

Here's a purikura I took with Juvy when I was in Hawaii. We're both wearing our contacts. :D

Going to meet up with Sara-chan tomorrow! Can't wait to meet her <3


Winnie said…
You look so cute. I love the circle lenses on you. I love your cell phones in the purikura, so cute!
Oana Roxana said…
Lovely! I had a pair of blue contacts,but I looked like a vampire. Not like those from Twilight. I looked weird,so I gave them,but you look so cute. :)
Ken said…
cute circle lenses =]
hehe, new place to buy circle lenses. I don't wear them that much since they dry out my eyes. But you look kawaii with them. Thanks for following my blog back

Naka said…
i want some circle lenses and i love the rikulama skins :3
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the kind comments and I love those contacts. Those purikura things look like loads of fun. xxx
Juvy♔ said…
AWW I MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH! XD yes they look so so cute on you my korilakkuma :3
Anonymous said…
Oh you're such a cute girl <3

Love your hair, it looks sooo smooth!
And the contacts really make your eyes shine : )

I thought about getting contacts myself, but it's a pain in the ass to put them in. And I kinda like my weird greenish brown eye color XDD
Sher said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sher said…
I've seen these coloured contacts on so many people but have yet to try it! A bit scared of the whole process of putting them in my eyes lol:P

Ahh, I wanna take purikura pics too!!

☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Hey! thanks for the comment! I can't seem to comment your lj or read your entries :((( so I hope you see this.

you should try the contacts! they're a hassle to put in but they're super comfortable :3
pinksugarichigo said…
aww you look so cute with circle lenses.. this is one of my favorite pictures of you and juvy :D <3 <3 <3 the cutest sisters ever!! n_n
Haein said…
Haha, that's so funny because my bf's good friend owns doll front so she gave us contacts too! :) lol

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