UNIQLO has become so popular these that it's internationally recognized for its simplicity and trendiness in design and affordable prices. I remember first finding out about this store back when I was still a freshman in high school (damn, that's a long time ago) and I always wished that someday, there would be a store in America. And now there is one. In New York. -_-

I must say that after so many years of rising popularity, I'm so glad the products haven't changed in quality and most importantly the prices. Many companies tend to jack up their prices once they know that they're doing well. Greedy bastards.

I went out looking for new flats and had a hard time finding one that was affordable and stylish. I was initially going to go to UNIQLO and buy a couple leggings and I ended up buying a pair of their flats. And not just any flats! Red flats. :3

Shiny ballet flats. Can you say "there's no place like home"?

Insoles have a cute heart design.

Even down to the soles. Soooo cute!

When you put them on with socks. Excuse my disgusting veins popping out.

Of course, it was cheap. (About $20)

Tried to match it with my clothes. I always thought that red went well with white and black. :)

There are TONS of other designs available at their UNIQLO SHOES website. Check it out! The webpage music is catchy. http://www.uniqlo.com/shoes/


ジュヴィ said…
seriously, can we be any more ALIKE? I'VE BEEN ON THE HUNT FOR RED FLATS (well the perfect red flats) FOREVER! I found on at F21 but decided not to get it cuz..wait...i think you were with me that one day? haha! anyway! yeah! I <3 UNIQLO even though i've only been in there once. and it was in fact in New York when I went!

but you look so cute dressed up in red! your hair looks gorgeous! <3 did you dye it??
Ribbonlicious said…
Nice shoas <3<3<3 The heart design is so cute too! ^^

I like your blog and hope to read more about shopping in Japan hihiii. I've added you <3
Naka said…
cute outfit and i love the heart on the insoles :3

and very nice shoes :3
Dolly said…
Oh wow, the shoes are sooo cute! I would buy it just for the cute insole. XD I think the color red looks really good on you! :o
Anonymous said…
I adore my ballet flats. These are beautiful and you look so pretty in your outfit! I love how this shows that you don't have to spend a fortune for good quality, cute footwear. xxx
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
We is twins, gurl! idk if I was with you that day. Actually, I don't think I've ever been to F21 with you before. We should do something about this!
No, I didn't dye my hair but it looks lighter! ahh...extensions need to come out soon. :(
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Thanks for visiting! I'll add you back :)

The insoles are so cute! Love the little details.

Right? hehe and that's exactly what I did.
Really? aww thanks! I think you'd match in red too!

Flats are great! Especially since I'm already tall -_- So very true. It's not worth it to buy expensive shoes when they just wear out in a year.

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