Taste of Nepal.

I'm crazy about curry.

Being the most popular dish in Japan, why wouldn't I? I grew up eating my mother's curry (カレーライス) and as I write this, I'm starting to crave some right now. The various spices, veggies and beef being mixed together in a creamy and thick sauce then poured on top steamed white seasonal rice is just irresistible. Not to mention, topping it all off with nattou and tsukemono is heaven in a bowl. I feel like swimming in it sometimes. That's just me.

When I was in college (feeling old), I tried my first Indian dish which was of course--Indian curry. The taste was exotic and I guess . . . ethnic? Cumin mixed with curry powder and hot chilis, garlic and ginger was something my mother had never tried making. Taboo for Japanese curry? Not to mention the lamb. That stuff is tender. Yummmmm.

I became fascinated with that particular savor. I tried other Indian restaurants always indulging my appetite on curry, curry, curry. Moving to Tokyo, I knew there would be more opportunities to try Indian food. Since moving here, I've already been to four different restaurants. The one I went to yesterday has to be the best one yet.

The place is called NIRVANA New York located in Tokyo Midtown which is an area consisting of very high-end departments, beautiful parks, offices and the Ritz Carlton hotel.

What I love about this restaurant is the interior design; colorful yet chic yet sophisticated yet fun. The night scenery of the open terrace is gorgeous. Or so, it seems in the pictures. I ate there during the afternoon. But, the sakura were beautiful to look at. :3

Perhaps when Spring actually comes (it's still in the 40s here), it won't be as chilly outside. This picture just screams "Tokyo". It's probably the buildings.

The set up is buffet or full course meal menus during the afternoons and evenings. My friend and I wanted to try a little sampling of each curry and entres so we went for the buffet.

The buffet table. Yesterday, there was butter chicken curry, squid curry, and spinach curry. All were delicious and came with naan right out of the oven. I loooooooooveeeeeeee naan. It's probably my favorite Indian food. I could eat that stuff all day.

Photos courtesy of Tabelog.

And here are the Indian desserts. The most interesting desserts (aside from Filipino desserts) I have ever tasted. They seem to include a lot of coconut and fruits in their dessert dishes as well as making everything bite-size. Half the time, I wasn't aware of what I was eating. lol

Colorful! Love it.

I guess the only concern is the affordability. Buffets can range from $20-29 and courses $100-150 (yikes).
The buffets are worth it, trust me. Along with the atmosphere and great service, you can't go wrong.

If anyone knows a good Indian restaurant whether if it's in Tokyo, Honolulu, Seoul, please let me know! ;3


Located: D-0120 Garden Terrace 1F, 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. (Tokyo Midtown)
HP: http://www.nirvana-newyork.jp/


ジュヴィ said…
omg that looks delish O_O i love curry too! and im craving some now...haha! that looks so nice to eat at though. can dress all cool and chic to eat there! haha!

lets eat at curry house when you get back <3
Sher said…
Oh wow, I didn't know the Japanese love curry that much!! I'm a fan of Indian curry too :)

The restaurant looks really posh, it would be so lovely to sit outside looking over the night view of the buildings. Beautiful!

☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Curry house or we can MAKE curry together :3 Either one.

Yup! There are always curry commercials on TV and I pretty much eat it here 5 times a month. It would surely be a great dating spot. ;D hehe
Anonymous said…
awww, i love your blogs and i miss you!!

this blog in particular, omg. that restaurant looks so quaint and cozy and the buffet looks irresistable. AH! come homeeee! <3 hehe we should totally get together to eat and make a new blog post bwahaha
Naka said…
i love the look of the restarant and curries :3

yummy ^^
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Yay! Thanks for your comment, hun! I missed you so!
And I'm totally loving your blog. You inspire me to write more about the food I eat here (because I eat so much). Hopefully I can see you again! I may go back to Hawaii again soon. :3 bo go ship da!
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
hehe me too :D If the restaurant doesn't look great then the food won't taste as good. :(
Anonymous said…
I love your blog! It's so cute and I'm a huge lover of spicy, oriental dishes, so this post just makes me even happier! I'm a new follower of yours by the way :) xxx
Wish I could go there, those chairs are so pretty! :)
pinksugarichigo said…
i would like to swim in curry myself ..
and i never had the opportunity to try indian curry - i would like to <3 i am on a mission to look for a great indian curry place in san francisco! :D when we meet again, please take me here :D IM HUNGRY NOWWWWW
Hi there! o(^-^)o
I just stumbled into your blog
& it looks amazing! Just like you!!

So I have followed you already~~
I hope you could follow me back
if you want to ;)
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Natasha> I'm so glad you enjoy this entry! You inspire me to write more about food now hehe And thanks for following me! I'll follow you back :D
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Sandra> Aren't they? I just want to steal them and take them home.
un petit lapin said…
Have you ever tried the Nissin CHEESE CURRY cup noodle? A guy on the radio in England was talking about it, so when I visited Tokyo, I tried it. Not as good as a real curry, but still tasty!
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
un petit lapin>
Omg no! I always see it but never had a chance to try it. I'm going to try it now! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

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