sushi bar 沖次郎

Down the street from my office is a cooking school called TAKITO table studio. When I first started working here, my boss treated me to lunch there. He called it the "organic room" because they only served organic dishes. The food was superb and not to mention healthy, leaving me with no regrets.

The other day, I was going to recommend that place to my co-worker but I guess they decided to change it into a sushi bar (Okijirou 沖次郎). In a way, I'm excited about it because now I get to eat fresh sushi just minutes away from my office. Plus, the sushi set (miso soup and nigiri sushi) costs less than $10. But I do miss the organic food. :(

Being in the heart of the business district of Tokyo, finding an affordable and reasonable restaurant here is very difficult--as difficult as finding your contacts in a swimming pool (happened to me before). I usually just buy my lunches from the convenience store because I'm super frugal. I like to splurge from time-to-time, though.

The quality of the fish here honestly cannot compare to the sushi restaurants on Hawaii. Of course, the sushi restaurant I worked at back home is an exception. It's just that it costs a leg and TWO arms (2 pieces for $20).

The nigiri set I chose. The chu-toro (fatty part of the tuna) is my favorite.

Love the presentation of the pieces.

Miso soup.

Not only was the meal delicious, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very calm and quite chic. If you look at their website, there are some pictures of the inside.

Although, I don't consider this the BEST sushi bar. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by. Since it's a more business and residential area here, I doubt anyone wants to come here just to eat sushi . . . right? haha Seriously, what was the purpose of reviewing this restaurant? I hope someone is interested. :P

I've been pretty consistent with my updates recently. That's just how slow it's been this week at work. :3


Naka said…
i have only been to one sushi bar and tht was in hong kong i went to another in the UK but only ate boiled rice there since i had pretty much no money XD

but now that sushi bar has closed so i cant go again T_T
ジュヴィ said…
you lost your contacts in a swimming pool?! did you end up finding it? :P
Sher said…
Oh, I love sushi! And sashimi!! I think they're my fave food ever. I've never ordered a sushi set before, usually I have them off the conveyor belt:P

Phuong said…
i love sushi, it looks delicious!!
Anonymous said…
I love this post so much! I need to go to a proper sushi restaurant because I've only had store bought sushi so far, which I'm told, can't compare to the real thing. And I didn't know recycling was the law where you are? Where are you on the globe at the moment? xxx
さらまり said…
The presentation of the sushi is indeed very nice, it looks yummy and no types that I hate haha!

The set seems like a good deal. Oh this makes me feel like eating sushi hehe^^
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Aww that's too bad. :( You should visit Japan and I'll take you to eat some good sushi!

Yeah :((( I didn't bother finding it because it must've absorbed by then lol
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Oh! I love those too! But I tend to lose track and eat too much sushi -_-

yes! It was delicious too :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could take you to one here! :) I'm currently living in Japan. And yeah, the recycling law makes it very tedious and troublesome to throw away trash.. :(

You better eat some when you get to Japan!

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