My closet: Feb - April 2010

Just a collection of narcissistic pictures I take of myself and the clothes I wear which usually consists of black and white. ;P

One piece, waist belt, leggings: UNIQLO
Ankle boots: LUMINE

Long sleeve & vest: Spiral Girl
Mini denim: Shimamura
Leggings: UNIQLO

Circle scarf: American Apparel
Pea coat: Moussy
Long sleeve one piece: American Apparel
Leggings: Claires
Bag (great for rainy days): Be Her Angel
Same boots.

Same pea coat.
Under tank top with layered skirt and button top: Wonder Rocket
Leggings: UNIQLO
Semi-bubble shorts: HONEYS

Cardigan: Some store in Korea lol
T-shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Wonder Rocket
Leggings and flats: UNIQLO
Spiral purse: Cole Haan

Pajama set: Don Quixote

Cardigan: Cinnamon Girl
Riffled tank top: gift from mama :P
Mini patterned skirt and leggings: Forever21

Pea coat: Moussy
Skirt: Wonder Rocket
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Leggings&boots: Forever21
Belt: Thank you mart

Off the shoulder long sleeve, circle scarf, two-tone leggings: American Apparel
Skirt: Forever21
Ankle cut boots: Forever21

Floral print one piece: From Korea (that don't really have brand names)
Jeans: GAP
Dork glasses: Metropark slippers hehe

One piece: Korea
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: UNIQLO again


DMBY said…
You should be in that feature in lucky magazine where they take one person's clothes and show a different outfit for 30 days straight. You have a lot of cute stuff! My faves are the red shoes though and the be my angel bag.
ジュヴィ said…
you are too cute <3
i started doing the daily outfit photos but i end up getting lazy T____T

oooo i have an idea!!! we should do daily photo pics and upload them to kumachi :3 haha

the one with the red flats is my fave
un petit lapin said…
I love your pyjamas and those two tone leggings!
Sher said…
I think you have great style and this should be a regular feature!!

Adore all the stripes really:)

Anonymous said…
I love your cute little outfits! They all suit you so well and the last picture is my favourite, I love it! xxx
Naka said…
i love all the outfits ^^

can i steal ur wardrobe?
:P i wish i ahd ur figure too :3
さらまり said…
Oh there are so many cute outfits! But I think my favorite is the second outfit hehe!

And those pajamas from Donki are very sweet and comfy looking^^ And Donki sells extensions? What doesn't it sell? wow XD
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
I wish! But I don't usually dress nice during the weekdays because I'm just too tired to pick an outfit :(
pinksugarichigo said…
i love your outfits! please be my fashion consultant? i love how you put your outfits together.. and i love those blue tights...
BJ said…
Ai-chan, you've got great style. I love the 2nd and 3rd one, but all just shows your versatility! You'd fit in thr bay area :)
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
whatever! You have better fashion than I do! You've got the knack for it, hun. ;)

Thanks ate :) hehe I wish I could visit the bay area! it all depends on my schedule...and money. :(
Raptor Plateado said…
wow so cute... are you speak spanish???
Anonymous said…
Oh Ai! I love love love the last one piece thingy!!!

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