Hanging out.

A real quick post because I just thought this was so adorable. PRETZ released a new package design for their boxes. You can punch out little arms on the box for your little buddy to hang from your bag so you can bring your PRETZ around with you. :3

The little dude says "tsurettete" meaning "take me with you!"

Hey there!

Look at how cute he is hanging out there.

Watch the CM here: http://www.glico.co.jp/pretz/10_cm_vp_s.htm
They're just so adorable! I wish they were real. haha

Other styles here: http://pocky.jp/products/tsuretette/index.html
I want the panda one! :D

Alright, gotta finish packing. toodles! ^_~


さらまり said…
Oh that is indeed so cute! It's a very interesting concept actually, and when people actually walk around with that on their bag it's like free advertizing hehe!
DMBY said…
Juvy♔ said…
OMG!!!! kawaii! i could imagine it saying "tsuretette!' in a cute high whiney voice!
Naka said…
omg i love pretz !!1 i cant wait for my next fix now :p
cute packaging!
Anonymous said…
Super cute! And thanks for your comment, bananas are obviously not great fruits but I do love the taste. They're great for replacing sweet foods with if you're trying to cut down on the sugary stuff...which I am! xxx
pinksugarichigo said…
omg i want one :D <3<3 hehehehe

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