Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing

Spring spring spring!
It's that time of the year to unravel your scarfs and switch to a light cardigan. Or something. The days still seem to fluctuate between the ice age and the blazing desert. Yesterday, it was pouring with a temperature nearing the 40s. Opposed to today where the sky is clear and people are sweating under the scorching sun. As for tomorrow, there is a great chance that it will be cold yet again. Fickle weather. I love Japan.

However, my friends and I were fortunate to have (do?) hanami under fair weather. We all met up at Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) which is an enormous park in the middle of one of the busiest cities. Click the link to Shinjuku Gyoen if you want to be geeky and read about the history because I know nothing.

Being touristy. Look at the beautiful waves of light pink in the background!

Basically, hanami is a very traditional custom here where people gather under the sakura (cherry blossom) trees and appreciate the Japanese nature with their loved ones and/or friends (although it's usually one or the other here). What hanami really is about is drinking beer with your friends in the afternoon, dancing foolishly around the park and lose your unattended children. Especially when it's insanely busy like so:

That was literally what I saw last week. I swear, the announcements would go off every 5 minutes about a lost child. Only in Japan. lol

Nevertheless, I went to solely to acknowledge the scenery and ambiance as well as take a ton of pictures until everything began to look like cotton candy. Of course, we did drink. Just moderately. ;P

Not drunk.

But I was after this! Sparkling sake that Kaori brought for us. :3

This is like the teenager sakura. Not fully bloomed. haha

I somehow love the balance of colors in this.

The sakura "boom" here is nearing its end as green leaves begin to sprout out and the sakura petals fall on the street, cars windshields and children walking to school. Not to mention the kimushi (grotesque bugs from the tree) jumping from the trees. Yuck!

But yeah . . . limited sakura snacks and products are on sale now so I think I'll take advantage of this.

Bye bye, Sakura. Now we have to clean your mess up.


priincess said…
i wish that i was in japan to see the cherry blossoms bloom! i'm so jealous!

don't forget to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!:
Sher said…
Jealous jealous jealous! My lifelong dream is to watch the hanami in Japan one day! Hope my dream will come true soon:)

Anonymous said…
Haha, glad you liked the post! :D I love the last photo of your lovely red shoes, very cute. Having a cat and a guinea pig may work, although next door's cats are always tyring to pounce on them so maybe not haha! xxx
Anonymous said…
I also forget to say, amazing photography skills here, and I learned several new Japanese words today, so thanks! Living in England we're quite multicultural, so I love learning about different cultures, especially cool things like this.
Naka said…
i love the photos ur great at taking them ^^

i love cherry blossoms too :3
There's nothing better than being surrounded by Cherry Blossom Trees on a lovely day.
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
I'm sure you'd love it! Come next year!! :)

Watch it with me next year hehe :3

Aww thanks! I'm gonna blog about those shoes later on because they're fantastic!
Oh no! Keep a close watch on your guinea pig(s) >< I'm happy to know that you're learning some words! If you need help with anything let me know. I love England, btw so teach me about your culture too!

You're sweet
! I don't think I'm half as good as my friends though :P

the guilty hyena>
Thanks for the visit and comment! And yes, it was true bliss. :3
Dolly said…
Aww, looked so beautiful! Here in California, the weather is the same! One days it's freezing cold and the next it's scorching! D:
*E.Hanna33* said…
*_________* I want to go to Hanami too !!
*E.Hanna33* said…
*_________* I want to go to Hanami too !!

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