Back from Seoul.

Back in Tokyo and the weather has finally become clear and bearable. Got a lot of business done in Seoul and actually had a lot of time to explore the culture there. Of course, one of them being the cuisine.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a quick blog before I go to Hawaii next week.
So please don't unfollow me gaiizzz hahaha ;P


Naka said…
I love how u decroated ur iphone/ ipod, I love ur hair and have a good time at hawaii ^^
Sher said…
Wow, you're quite the world traveller, aren't you? What is it that you do again?

You look so pretty in this pic:)

un petit lapin said…
My friend recently visited Seoul. He loved it. I wish I could have gone too!
DMBY said…
Don't hide from us this time! :)
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Thanks dear! I love my Rilakkuma case! hehe and thanks! I will ;3

Yup >< country hopping here and there. hehe
I'm a secretary and translator so I have to follow my boss around all the time. ~_~

un petit lapin>
You should def go! You'd love it! Especially the fashion :)

Is this Danielle? If it is, I won't hide this time!
DMBY said…
Yes it's me! Hmm I didn't realize I have no pic there, will have to fix it. xoxo
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Ahh! Are you using Blogspot too?? I can't find your blog url :(
DMBY said…
No blog, just a member so that I can comment. :) I am too lazy these days!

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