Hawaiian Burger

Image from http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/

I usually don't eat at McDonalds but this was an exception. McDonalds came out with a line of American burgers from many different states such as New York, Texas, Cali and now Hawaii. I thought "why?" at first. But it seems that the burger is based off of the loco moco dish. A favorite of Japanese tourists rather than the locals.

So it's basically buns, meat patty, gravy, cooked egg, bacon and lettuce. It was pretty yummy actually :3

In my opinion, they should have used pineapples or spam for it to be a "Hawaiian" burger. But, I guess it's just an attention grabber for the people here.

Next is the Cali burger. Hmmm . . . should I? :)


さらまり said…
It looks like an interesting burger, but I agree with you, if there was a pineapple that would be very yummy I think^^
little darling said…
ooohh yeah! pineapple woud've been awesome! :) you should tell them HEY I'M FROM HAWAII, LISTEN TO ME. haha.

i would soo want to try the other burgers >< i feel like they are limited edition haha. not all in one day of course O__O
Ai said…
さらまり> Yes :) I think they need to make a new version.

juvy-babe> LOL I should work for McDonalds already. Yeah they come out one by one so it gives our stomachs a rest :D
Anonymous said…
お帰り :)

and yes, Hawaiian burger is awesome.
Ai said…
shuuha> omg thanks for visiting :DDD
Michael said…
I really want to eat that. Guess I'll get a loco moco from L&L instead. :/
Ai said…
Michael>haha yeah I think that one tastes more better :P

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