Foreign Fashion Boutiques

This is a bit delayed and probably not new to most people but Forever21 and H&M have opened up in Harajuku (Meiji St). What's interesting is that they're lined up side-by-side. Talk about competition! haha

They both have 4 floors too! But, what I noticed was that Forever21 was exceptionally more crowded than H&M. You could not move around easily in Forever21 and the lines for the dressing room and cashier are insane. Nevertheless, I did buy some clothes. :3 The styles are the same but I found that the way they coordinated some of the mannequins were more adapted to the fashion here in Japan.

I think I'd rather shop at the Forever21 in Hawaii. 2 more weeks until I go back home! :D


little darling said…
really? what makes you prefer hawaii's f21? (sorry, i'm interested to know!) did you shop at h&m too? how were the prices?

Ai said…
Oh, that's only because it's so crowded and I can't shop in peace. -_- H&M has nice stuff but the stuff can be pricey but not as expensive as I thought it would be. hehe

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