Aiming for skinny legs

I've always had a problem with my legs looking manly and even though my legs are fairly long, they always seem to be on the chubbier side. After recommendations from my friends, I went to the store and bought Qtto's medicute socks/leggings.

On the box it explains that the product is specially for wearing overnight but I wear it any change I get. I LOVE this product. I did see and feel a difference after wearing it a few times. My calves don't touch anymore and after a long day of walking, I don't feel any pain in my legs the next day.

The disadvantage is the length and the coverage. They look pretty ridiculous when you put them on. I got the "Long" size which comes up almost until the top of my legs. So, there's nothing working on my thighs and that's one of my big concerns because I have really fat thighs. :/ If anyone knows any good products, let me know! I'm still on my search but if I ever find anything it will go on this blog. :D

I'm off to meet my aunt from the Big Island (Hawai'i) and my other aunt from England tonight in the city for dinner. Hopefully the weather holds up! It's been really warm today which is just a breath of fresh air.



cupofmilktea said…
youre so cute, my little korila!!! <3!

ooo!! OMG GIRL me and you. (with the legs) although i have THUNDER THIGHS like no other -____-. but you now what worked for me and i actually saw results (and it helped that people noticed too!) I don't know if you remember me posting on LJ, but i posted about Bliss Fatgirl Slim products? but yeah it works WONDERS i love it! i wanna buy more but know the deal! hehe!

how much are those leg slimmer thingeeesss????
Ai Hirabayashi said…

OMG I'm so interested right now! But I don't think they sell it here :( Where did you buy it in Hawaii? And like how did you use it? The leg slimmer socks were a little under $20 I think. You like bah? :)
Anonymous said…
aww Ai, I dont think you have fat legs at all! I've seen your pics where you were wearing different stockings, and they are just fine!
BUT I VE REALLY REALLY BAD LEGS (thighs+calves -_-) ehhhh do these stockings works o_o i mean do you have to wear it in general to get skinnier legs or do you wear it erm to let it look skinnier x_x
Anonymous said…
ai you really gotta tell me whether they work XD" i gotta get them too XD"
Dolly said…
Aww, sounds interesting!!! I want to try it now. I hate my calves.
cupofmilktea said…
omg yeah girl! if you can pick me up some of those that'd be great!! :D <3<3<3 KUMACHI! lol!

you can buy the Bliss products at Sephora, that's where i got mine :) it's applied like a lotion! as you apply, you kind of just rub it in massaging yourself haha.

i know for sure it works because not only did it work for me, but a bunch of my coworkers asked me about it and went to get it too, and they slimmed down a whole lot too!
Ai Hirabayashi said…
misha> is this the same Misha from fb? Thanks for the visit :D but yeah I DO HAVE FAT CALVES...I wear stockings to cover that haha But so far it's working :D you should try it too although I don't think your calves are fat.

dolly> really? gahhh you should try it though! it feels so great in the morning!
Ai Hirabayashi said…
juvy pie>
okaaaaaaaay! I'll see if I have time. I'll get the hat and the socks :D
oh really? ahh I really gotta go back to Hawaii now! I want to go to Sephora hehe let's gooooooo! I'm so tempted to try it!
cupofmilktea said…
YES let's gooooo when you come back :) and of course my dear, when you have time <3 thank you muchhhhhh love you!
Sher said…
Oh, I've never heard of this product before! Great that it's working out for you!! But I thought you should know I don't think you have big thighs at all, they look pretty normal to me:)

You look so sweet in the last pic, have fun with your aunties, dearie:)

Courtney said…
Monica... You're CRAZY Skinny! what are you talking about!?! But that product is pretty cool! lol. I hope you had a good dinner! I can't wait to see you in a week!! ^o^
Ai Hirabayashi said…
Kuma> gahh can't wait to see youuuuuuuuuu hehe

Sher> It's a great product hehe but you're too kind! I just want to get a little more toned over there hehe :D

AWWW courtney *((( change of plans...I'm actually going to Hawaii next week so I won't be in Japan X(( soo sorry...
micro said…
Hello~ I started reading through your archives recently and saw this post. :D

I'm having some of these shipped to me soon from Japan, but I have a question... do they actually do "long-term improvements" or is it a temporary slimming effect like the massages they show in magazines?

Love this blog, by the way! You're so cool&cute. :D Thanks!
мoɴιcα-αι said…
micro> hey! i couldn't find your webpage blog so I hope you'll be able to see this reply.

No, I don't think these leggings work unless you wear them everyday. You're correct about how it's just like those massages you do daily. It takes a lot of effort to slim down legs but these leggings help :)

Hope to see you on my blog soon <333

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