THE BREAKUP: A visual makeup tutorial

Hey guys!

Really brief entry before I hit the sack.  I've been putting off this video for a looooooong time for obvious reasons.  I actually filmed this a couple months ago while I was still in Japan.  You may recognize some scenes from one of my previous videos.

I finally got a MacBook Pro (as I've mentioned in my V-blog recently) and finally figured out how to work the basics of Final Cut Pro X.  I still have much to learn about this program but so far I am loving how quick it renders. :) It's a dream come true.  As for the video editing, most of all the clips after when I turn on the lights have no been touched (#raw #nofilter #yadayada) to show the true colors of all the makeup products that I use.

And to answer any questions you may have: Yes, we did break up.  I did film this not too long from the breakup.  I am a happier & stronger person now. The end. Enjoy. :3

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