SPONSORED REVIEW (w/ coupon!): First circle lens review!

Hi fellow bloggers/readers!

I truly apologize for not being the best blogger and updating so little and also not being able to comment everyone back.  I've been so caught up with work life and social life that I haven't had time to really sit down and update myself with everything.  I swear, every time I get a notification that someone commented my blog, I become so motivated at that instant to blog more but that motivation diminishes once I open my computer to see thousands of pictures and videos that I have yet to edit. D:

I will get to them eventually! There are tons of pictures from Japan that I haven't blogged about yet so look out for that as well! :]

So, here's something exciting: I received my very first sponsored circle lens!  A HUGE thank you to Pinky Paradise for sponsoring me!

They even gave me these cute hippo contact cases! ^^ 
Item name: Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal 

I've actually been eyeing out these lenses for a while since they always seem to be on the top 10 for majority of circle lens carriers AND I really needed new grey lenses.  Oh, and not to mention that this is one of Tsubasa's products which guarantees me that I would love it. :3

Sorry, my eye makeup is fairly messy because I took these photos after work and I didn't use falsies.  Nonetheless, look at how beautiful these lenses are!!!!! Very vibrant and bold. The color is not exactly grey per say; there's a tint of light brown which makes the contacts look a bit more "natural".  I honestly can't wait to try other colors in the Bambi series! 

There is definitely evident eye enlargement with these lenses.  As far as comfort, I wore them today for a 6-hour shift and no problems whatsoever.  Usually when I first try on contacts, I tear up like crazy but these gave me no problems.  Although, I must admit that these are by far the largest lenses I've ever worn so in a way my eyeballs did feel claustrophobic. hahaha  Nonetheless, I give these lenses a 10/10. HONESTLY! 

Get your pair now at PinkyParadise.com for only $23.90! You even get a free adorable animal contact case with your purchase :3 


Please don't forget to enter in this coupon code so you can receive a mystery gift! The coupon code can be stacked so if you purchase 3 pairs of lenses, you receive 3 lens cases AND 3 mystery gifts. 

The coupon code is: monrabu 

I'm going all out today but in addition, I made a quick video blog just to say "heeeeey".  I just got a new video editing program so I'm sorry for the crappy editing. And I'm still awkward & shy with these things! 

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