Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dependence on Mirrors.

Bringing you another MONJUVY TV video!  Juvy & I decided to try out the "No Mirror Makeup" challenge and we now have an appreciation for mirrors.  We tend to take mirrors for granted and blame them for making us look fat in clothes or neglect cleaning them, making water spots on them when we wash our faces.  Therefore I thank you, mirrors.  Without you, we would all be pretty ugly.  Although we could just look at our reflection in car windows and glass windows and such  . . . not that I do that.

ANYWAY! Here's a chance to see me without makeup again (because I know you all love to see the real me) and now you get to see Juvy without makeup!

Looks like Juvy has a cat nose LOLOL

Do we look pretty yet?


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